Three key things you need to know about tax refunds

3 important tax tips

(I) You could not qualified for a tax refund because most salaried and wage earners will have paid the right amount of tax through          the year. However it’s possible if you:

(a) only worked for part of the year.

(b) had more than one employer during the year.

(c) have expenses or qualify for independent earner tax credit.

(II) How much will my refund be?

You can see/check that you qualify for a tax refund through your myIR Secure online Service account from mid-may. If you                don’t have a n account, then register for a myIR account now. Once you logged in to your account, you can use myIR to:

(a) Check all your income details are correct, then

(b) Check if you have a refund, i.e. calculate your tax refund by using the “work out your income tax filing option” calculator, and            after checking

(c) request your personal tax summary (PTS)

(If your calculation shows that you owe tax, and you decide to request a PTS, then you will have to pay that tax)

(III) Receiving your tax refund

From mid- June you can confirm your PTS, once your PTS is confirmed you will receive your tax refund within 5 working days

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