Income Tax Department Cautioned The Public Against Pishing Emails.

phishing emails

Income tax department said that they never send emails from any private address such as google, yahoo. etc. They cautioned the public people against responding to those emails which are received from any private address as tax personal communication. These kind of emails can be received from several quarters, the email conversation tells the taxpayers to download file containing payable tax details.

So the income tax department said to beware of such emails and also don’t reply for the email, because the I-T department ever never send emails from such private email address. The tax payers alerted to avoid such mails and no need to respond to those phishing mails and don’t download any attachment received with the email. Because the attachment may contain virus or malicious software.

If you carefully read the mail then you can identify the email is a part of a phishing scam or not. Because the phishing email’s content may contain poor grammar and spelling mistake which respected organizations would never make in bulk emails they send. And you can also find out that anywhere in the content contain a link of a popular website like income tax site and threats of consequences if you don’t follow what is asked to do.

Phishing emails is the attempt to get important information such as username and passwords, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.The I-T department further said if any taxpayer get such emails then ,they can visit to “Report phishing” button on National Website of Income Tax Department.

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