Centre’s Maritime Day gift for seafarers

Centre's Maritime Day gift for seafarers

On Thursday September 25 World Maritime Day will celebrate and United Nations secretary general Ban-Ki-Moon in his message has called for effective implementation of international Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) conventions as it is the theme for 2014.

This day is really good for Indian seafarers to celebrate about as the Government of India has exempted seafarers on Indian flagged ships from paying 30% of their salary as income tax.

The UN Secretary general said “at a time when the world is beset by conflict and crisis, it is easy to forget that day in and day out the international shipping industry works quietly and efficiently to keep the wheels of global trade in motion and ensure the timely delivery of the goods and commodities on which we all rely.”

General secretary cum treasurer, National Union of Seafarers of India, Mr Abdulgani Y Serang said ” The most important IMO instrument is the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). It will secure the working conditions, ssafety,terms and conditions of employment of the seafarers. Government of India has worked over it, any countries have ratified it. The Director General of shipping(DGS) has been supportive towards the MLC.”

There are 36 IMO instruments all over and India is party to 18 of them. The exemption in income tax for Indian seafarers on Indian flagged ship is the latest relief. Till date they had to pay 30% of their salary as income tax. This 30% has exempted by Ministry of Shipping around a week ago. However a notification on the same is awaited.

Gautam Chatterjee, while talking about World Maritime Day and IMO Convention, said ” World Maritime Day will be celebrated on Thursday and the IMO conventions are important for India as they are a relevant topic. India will come up with discussions in order to be part of the implementers of the IMO conventions.”

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