Goods And Services Tax Bill (GST) All you need to know

The GST or Goods and service tax Also known as One Hundred Twenty second amendment Bill,2014 implemented by GOVT of Inda in 2016 August. According to financial/economic specialists , by implementing general and services tax India can gain 15 billion dollar yearly, we can increase our exports,more employment opportunities,etc.. definitely it is going to change the […]

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Published on : Wednesday 2 November 2016              Catagory : Tax Tips No Comments

You Can Revise Income Tax Return Within The Given Time Limit

You have the option of filing a revised return, if you realize that you missed reporting an income or deduction when you filed your income tax return(ITR) for the previous fiscal. You should have filed the original return before the due date,31 July. When to file a revised return You can refile ITR with modifications, […]

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Published on : Thursday 13 November 2014              Catagory : Tax Tips No Comments

For Filing no Returns, 5 Lakh Taxpayers Under Lens.

As the government tries to meet its tax collection target, over five lakh taxpayers are under the income tax scanner for not filing returns for the assessment year 2014-15. The move comes after the joint director of income tax systems has compiled a list of 5,09,898 taxpayers based on their electronic returns in previous years. […]

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Published on : Saturday 1 November 2014              Catagory : Tax Tips No Comments